Camp Testimonials

Hi everyone:

We still have about 10 spots to fill in this summer camps, so we are now looking for new campers. Here are some testimonials from Campers, Parents and Staff about the fun we've had here for the past 15 summers on The Bay.    

The Indian Point Young Naturalist Club is a unique, one of a kind summer camp. Scott’s innovative and creative approach gives campers the opportunity to explore what nature has to offer while incorporating fun and lively summer games and activities”

- Karen Bolivar, Camp Counsellor in 2016

IPYNC has featured very prominently in my children's love and attachment to Nova Scotia and the sea. We live abroad but come home every summer in an attempt to maintain roots in Nova Scotia and provide for our children with a sense of belonging to this place. The highlight of each summer is always their week at IPYNC. They have been going to IPYNC for about 8 years now.  First, they attended as campers, then as junior councilors and counsellors and then as campers of the “Big Kids Camp”.

They have learned a great deal about the ocean and the creatures that inhabit it. They have learned conservation and stewardship and a love of the sea. And most importantly, they have just had ‘good clean fun’; something that I sometimes think is lacking in the modern world of a child these days.

IPYNC is a very special childhood experience, one my children will never forget, and that I am eternally grateful for.”

- Mary Shakespeare, parent of three campers who live in Dubai and summer in St. Margaret’s Bay

I like everything [about camp]!  I love all the stuff we do around the ocean like looking for crabs and lobsters.  But, I also really enjoy the laser tag, the bubble slide, and my favourite: the final scavenger hunt at Micou's Island.

-Will, age 10, camper for two summers

If I only do one thing this summer I want to go to Scott's camp.

- Lily, age 13, camper for four summers

I enjoyed swimming every day and the "Amazing Race" event.  It was an awesome week. 

-J.J, age 13, camper for three summers

I am so thrilled this jewel of a camp is available in our own ‘‘backyard’. My children love it, and I am amazed how much they learn about the nature. Scott is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic.  The children don’t even know how much they are learning because they are too busy having fun!

-Angela mother of two campers.

The 2019 Summer Camp Registratgion Has Begun!

Hi everyone:

We excited to announce that there are still a few spaces left for this summer's 16th annual summer camp.  Here are the dates for the two age groups of camps:

Camp 1: July 8th to 12th, 2019 for ages 5 to 12 years of age.

Camp 2: July 22nd to 26th, 2019 for ages 5 to 12 years of age.

Camp 3: August 5th to 9th, 2019 for ages 5 to 12 years of age.

Camp 4: August 19th to 23rd, 2019 for ages 12 to 15 years of age. 

Please contact Scott for more information on registration and the fun we'll be having this summer by email him at .

- IPYNC Staff

Great gift for the young nature lover on your Christmas List!


Hi everyone:

Ashley Moffat* has been putting out award winning children’s albums about nature for 15 years.  Ashley's released a her album Habitat with a super fun collection of songs from syrup to salamanders in 2017.  Her previous album Wild About Nature was released in 2012 and has catch nature tunes about Bats, Beavers and more!   

Cd's of either album are $15 each and can be ordered and picked about at the IPYNC, 39 Sunset Drive  

Please visit her website at to hear her music.

Peace, Love and Platypuses,
-I.P.Y.N.C Staff
*Full disclosure, Ashley is a good friend of mine 😊

Tantallon Screening of "Burned"

Hi everyone:

This coming Wednesday Nov. 28th at 7:30 PM to 9 PM there will be a screening of the award winning expose of biomass ( are trees the new coal?) at St. Luke's United Church, 5374 St. Margaret's Bay Road. There will also be treats, coffee and tea  (and me:) at the door to greet you.

To learn more about "Burned", please visit

Nutrition with Edie

Hi everyone:

Superstore Dietitian Edie Shaw- Ewald, who for the past 6 summers, has enthusiastically brought fun, games and lots of nutritious treats to us at camps.  On the eve of Thanksgiving Weekend 2018, we give a BIG shout-out to Edie and all she brings to our camp.

Thank you Edie :)

- I.P.Y.N.C Staff

Green Schools

Hi everyone:

We were very lucky to have Olga Torres from Green Schools visit us at each camp this past summer (three times by Skype and once in person).  Olga wrote an article about her experience at camp that you can read here:

-I.P.Y.N.C Staff

Field trip to Ocearch

Hi everyone:

Sharks are threatened by our fishing, pollution and destruction of habitat world wide.  Thanks however to Ocearch, top shark scientists from around the world are now together off the coast of Nova Scotia searching for white sharks to learn more about them in order to help protect a species that has been on earth for over 400 million years. 

Thank you Ocearch for talking to 30 I.P.Y.N.C campers and their families about your mission to save white sharks in an enthusiastic and informative way.

- I.P.Y.N.C Staff