Nutrition with Edie

Hi everyone:

Superstore Dietitian Edie Shaw- Ewald, who for the past 6 summers, has enthusiastically brought fun, games and lots of nutritious treats to us at camps.  On the eve of Thanksgiving Weekend 2018, we give a BIG shout-out to Edie and all she brings to our camp.

Thank you Edie :)

- I.P.Y.N.C Staff

Green Schools

Hi everyone:

We were very lucky to have Olga Torres from Green Schools visit us at each camp this past summer (three times by Skype and once in person).  Olga wrote an article about her experience at camp that you can read here:

-I.P.Y.N.C Staff

Field trip to Ocearch

Hi everyone:

Sharks are threatened by our fishing, pollution and destruction of habitat world wide.  Thanks however to Ocearch, top shark scientists from around the world are now together off the coast of Nova Scotia searching for white sharks to learn more about them in order to help protect a species that has been on earth for over 400 million years. 

Thank you Ocearch for talking to 30 I.P.Y.N.C campers and their families about your mission to save white sharks in an enthusiastic and informative way.

- I.P.Y.N.C Staff

Attention all shark lovers! Ocearch Tour on Wednesday Sept. 19th, 2018

Hi everyone:

The I.P.Y.N.C is very lucky to have an exclusive tour of the ship Ocearch by the group responsible for tagging and tracking Hilton, the Great White Shark that is now lurking of Nova Scotia.

Ocearch is launching a research expedition in the province next week and Campers and their families can join the I.P.Y.N.C in Lunenburg on Wednesday, September 19th at 5pm at the Ocearch ship that will be docked at the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic, 68 Bluenose Drive. 

To learn more about Ocearch and their visit to Nova Scotia, please visit Ocearch Face Book page at

Ocearch would like to know how many will be attending and to have a waiver signed, so please RSVP Scott at

-I.P.Y.N.C Staff

Come for a fun filled day on Micou's Island Sunday!

Come join the I.P.Y.N.C Sunday September 9th, 2018 for a tide pool scavenger hunt on Micou's Island anytime from 3 pm to 5 pm.  See below for other fun activities for the whole family to help support the St. Margaret's Bay Stewardship Association.

Camp 4, 2018 Mystery Creature Revealed!

Here were the four clues to thsi weeks Mystery Creature:

1.    Their Latin name means naked gills.

2.    Like flowers, they vary widely in color and arrangement.

3.    They are called the “butterflies of the ocean,” both for their technicolor appearance and their intense toxicity

4.    They are really, really cute. One is even called the “sea bunny”

 Let's take some guesses...

This weeks Mystery Creature is a Nudibranch or Sea Slug!

Budget Boat Race Teams and Rules


Your team will have 1 hour and 30 minutes to make a one person boat out of cardboard and duct tape. We will then hike to the island and do a relay race, one boat at time. 

Each team member will launch of off a tube and race around a buoy and back to the tube.  All members of your team must make a trip even if the boat is underwater

TEAM 1: Olivier, Theo, Ely

TEAM 2: Alyssa, Ashley, Grace

TEAM 3: Kate, Frida, Ecem

TEAM 4: Adam, Nate. S, James

TEAM 5: Julian, Will, Isabel

TEAM 6: Matthew, Emma

TEAM 7: Michael, Kyra, Zach, Olivia


-        Once your tape and cardboard runs out, that’s all you get!

-        Must be a boat, needs sides built up.  No cardboard surf boards!

-        Boat must be 3 feet wide, length does not matter :)

-        You  must always stay inside boat when racing. 

-        Even if boat begins to sink, passenger must stay in the boat as much as possible!

-        All of the boat must cross the finish line to finish. 

How Not To Build a Budget Boat!