Camp 4 Bay Mystery Creature

The answer to this weeks Bay Mystery Creature is...

A ( Stinky ) Minke Whale!

Schedule for Friday August 23, 2019

Hi everyone:

Sadly we say goodbye to our 16th summer camp tomorrow but not without lots of fun making boats and an appearance of the legend, named Patrick :) Here's a look at Friday's schedule:

  - I.P.Y.N.C Staff

Clue 3 & 4 of Camp 4's Bay Mystery Creature

Hi Campers:

Here are the last two clues of thsi weeks Bay Mystery Creature.

Clue 3: They are fast and agile swimmers. They can swim at the speed of 21 miles per hour and can dive 20 to 25 minutes, but they usually spend 10 to 12 minutes under the water before returning to the surface to breathe.

Clue 4: Their breath is known to be rather stinky which rhymes with the kind of creature they are.

Ok, the answer will be revealed just before our Budget Boat Race on Friday.  Good luck!

- IPYNC Staff

Schedule for Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Hi everyone:

We had like to perfect morning and afternoon for our Stand up Paddle Boarding!  Tomorrow may be a little rainy but equally perfect for mud and slime sliding that we will be doing lots of tomorrow.  Here's a look at Thursday's schedule:

- IPYNC Staff

Schedule for Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Hi everyone:

Here's a look at Wednesday's schedule and remember the SUP waiver, no waiver, now paddle boarding.

- The IPYNC Staff

Camp 4 Bay Mystery Creature Clue 1 & 2

Clue 1: They can be found in different oceans throughout the world, but they usually inhabit polar waters of the northern hemisphere. Their call is as loud as a plane taking off.

Clue 2: Babies are 9 feet long and has 1000 pounds at birth. Adults can be 24 feet long and way 28000 pounds. They are the smallest form of animal that has baleen plates that they use for feeding by filtering food out of the swallowing water.   

Keep your answers to yourself until Friday, just before the Budget Boat Race!

- I.P.Y.N.C Staff